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3 Ton 14 Seer Ruud Package Heat Pump

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The Rheem RQPM Package Heat Pumps are designed to be the most efficient, quickest to install, easiest to service, and most reliable units in the industry - while still maintaining an affordable price. This platform provides you with a full line of nominal capacities from 2 through 5 tons. RQNM models are 13 SEER and RQPM models are 14 SEER, each ARI-certified.

Standard Features:

  • Evaporator Tin Plated Coil
  • The base rails allow for separation between the unit base and the ground level, protecting the base from ground moisture and providing air circulation around the unit. Constructed from sturdy 14-gauge G-90 sheet metal, the base rails also allow for easier maneuverability during installation. In some instances, installers may choose to remove the base rails to allow for the lower installation clearances encountered in some homes. Once the base rails are removed, though, the base of the unit is still positioned above the pad by a shorter secondary base rail.
  • While other manufacturers have chosen to use pre-painted steel in their equipment, which exposes raw edges and invites rust and sharp edges, Rheem package equipment uses a powder-coat paint system, rated at 1000 hour salt spray per ASTM B117.
  • To provide flexibility in space-limited installations, the unit can be installed flush to the structure without blocking airflow over the outdoor coil or making any screws inaccessible for maintenance.
  • The cabinet is a slim 33 inches wide. Full-louver coil protection makes Rheem unique in the industry and also totally protects the outdoor coil from vandalism and weather extremes.
  • Two round 14" duct collar are included with the unit, which makes attaching duct a snap. The collar is crimped around the leading edge, making it easier to install duct onto the collar. A metal bead around the circumference prevents the attached ducting from sliding off after installation.
  • The outdoor-section top cover is easily removed to allow access to the the scroll compressor, outdoor fan motor, and refrigerant tubing.
  • The controls are located in a large, easy-to-access control box, which provides plenty of space in which to troubleshoot.
  • The transformer is protected by an in-line fuse, which protects the transformer during a low-voltage electrical short. The low voltage and high-voltage wiring connections are easily accessed and have ample room around which to maneuver. Troubleshooting is further aided with number and color coded wiring, which corresponds with the large, easy-to-read wiring diagram located on the inside of the control box access panel.
  • The indoor-section top cover also easily opens to access the removable blower housing and motor. This also gains total access to the indoor coil for cleaning and service.
  • The indoor motor and blower system will achieve nominal 400 CFM per ton up to a minimum of .8 inches of static pressure, which helps to eliminate customer dissatisfaction over poor airflow brought about by high-static duct designs.
  • Optional electric heat can be easily installed in the field, with either dual or single point power connections.
  • High and low refrigerant pressure can easily and accurately be measured using the two gauge ports located inside the control box.
  • Foil-faced insulation is securely glued and captured to the cabinet. On the base of the unit, closed-cell insulation is used to prevent moisture from being absorbed and help reduce mold content to provide better indoor air quality.
  • For reliability and long-lasting operation, Rheem uses 100 scroll compressor technology on all package platforms. With over 12 years of history, the scroll compressor has proven to be reliable, efficient, and quiet during operation.

Product Specification

Model Number(s) RQPMA037JK000
Brand Rheem
Type Heat Pump
Ton 3.0 Ton
HSPF 8.00
Cooling Btu 36,000
Heating Btu 34,200
Cooling Stage(s) 1
Compressor Stage Single
Voltage 208/230V
Electrical Phase(s) 1-Phase
Decibel Level (dB) 76
Maximum CFM 3,200
Refrigerant Type R-410A
Height (Inches) 33 1/2
Length (Inches) 59
Width (Inches) 34
Total Shipping Weight (lbs.) 380
Parts Warranty (Years) 10
Compressor Warranty (Years) 10
UPC # 640852914492

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3 Ton 14 Seer Ruud Package Heat Pump