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3.5 Ton 15.5 Seer York Series Air Conditioning System

Model: YFE42B21S - AVC48DX21 - S11TVMBC1

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The York YFE Air Conditioners are a new offering in our successful LX Seriessplit system air conditioner lineup. These units are optimized forthe new 14 SEER Regional Minimum Efficiency in the SoutheastUS, and feature a tube-in-fin condenser coil, scroll compressor,and copper filter-drier. These outdoor units have beenspecifically designed to be matched with Johnson Controls UnitaryProducts indoor coils, furnaces, and air handlers to providea complete system solution.

Standard Features:

  • Quality Coils - Enhanced aluminum fins are mechanically bonded to copper tubing.
  • Scroll Compressor - Featuring the newest generation of high efficiency scroll compressors.
  • Copper filter-drier - The factory installed filter drier features copper construction for reliable long term protection.
  • Easier Installation - Independent panels provide quickaccess for unit setup. Installation time is reduced by easypower and control wiring access. Select indoor matches withfactory-mounted TXVs are available for quicker systeminstallation. The factory installed filter-drier and factorycharge for a 15-Ft lineset means less time spent brazing andcharging the system. The small base dimension and reducedunit clearances make for easier retrofits.
  • Accessible Information - QR code on unit provides quick access to technical documents and warranty information.
  • Durable Finish - The coated steel wire fan guard, coasted external fasteners, and pre-treated G90-equivalent galvanized steel chassis components resist corrosion and rust creep. Champagne colored powder coat paint further protects external panels.
  • Rugged Coil Protection - Coils are protected from mechanical damage by a proven stamped steel coil guard design.
  • Protected Compressor - Compressors are protected internally by a high-pressure relief valve and a temperature sensor,and externally by the system high-pressure switch. The liquid line filter-drier is factory installed to protect the compressor against moisture and debris.
  • Reliable Operation - Ball bearing fan motors provide superior performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Environmentally Friendly - CFC-free R-410A refrigerant deliver environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion.
  • Top Discharge - Warm air is blown up, away from the structure and any landscaping and allows compact location on multi-unit applications.
  • Low Operating Sound Levels - Developed using CFD andFEA tools, the sturdy cabinet and top design provides sound performance of 76 dBA or lower. Compatible accessories for further sound reduction are also available.
  • Better Service Access - Diagonal base valves with open access for low-loss fittings, single panel access to the electrical controls, swing out control box for full corner access, and removable fan guard allow easy access for unit maintenance.
  • Agency Listed - Safety certified by CSA to UL 1995/CSA22.2. Performance certified to ANSI/AHRI Standard 210/240in accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment certification program.

The York AVC Air Handler offers the ultimate in application flexibility. This unit may be used for upflow, downflow, horizontal right, or horizontal left applications.

All JCI Unitary Products air handlers and coils can use a TXV to provide our customers with the optimum performance and refrigerant control. Air handlers are shipped with Flex-coils inches without a factory installed metering device. For added flexibility,an R-22 or R-410A TXV or piston must be field installed to meet the requirement of the desired refrigerant.

Standard Features:

  • RC2 - Rigid Case Construction interior endo-skeleton for structural support, flush side, and locks in insulation.Powder-painted - G30 galvanized steel case provide a coated edge that resists corrosion and rust creep.
  • MaxAlloyTM Coil - Long life aluminum coils built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Quality Construction - Structural components are made ofAluminum or G90 galvanized steel to prevent corrosion.
  • Improved Insulation Design - Single piece with no external screws to reduce thermal transmission paths to prevent sweating. Foil-faced insulation for ease of cleaning.
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve - The accessory bolt-on TXVprovides easy installation to convert the indoor coil to the required refrigerant that does not require brazing to replace or install. Some models are available with factory installed TXV.
  • Case Depth - These models have 20.5 inch casing which provide ease of attic access and tight applications.
  • Thermoset Drain Pan - Positive slope for drainage to reduce cause for potential mold or contaminants.
  • Factory Sealed - Achieves 2% or less total airflow leakage rate duct leakage test conditions in positive and negative pressure for system airflow verification.
  • Enhanced Filter Rack - All models have integrated internal filter racks provided for use with 1 inch thick standard size filters.
  • Electric Heat Kits - 6HK series of field installed electric heat kits are available for installation-friendly and easy service applications.
  • Blowers - All models use direct-drive, standard ECM motors.
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