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  • 12,000 Btu 26.1 Seer Mitsubishi Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Hyper H2i Heat Pump System

12,000 Btu 26.1 Seer Mitsubishi Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Hyper H2i Heat Pump System


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The Mitsubishi MSZ-FH Mini Split Heat Pump Systems are now a realistic option for any home, in any climate. The new MSZ-FH family of Hyper Heating Inverter residential systems offer year round, high-efficiency cooling and heating for a variety of rooms, including bedrooms, basements, sunrooms and more. The slim, wall-mounted indoor units provide zone comfort control while theInverter driven compressor and electric LEVs offer higher efficiency with controlled power usage.

Mini Splits are economical to install and provide cooling and heating with the convenience of a remote control and best of all, turn the system off when you leave to save money on energy bills. These Mini-Splits offer additional cooling and heating without costly changes to your home or business central cooling and heating system. Mini-Splits can be used for even the most difficult to cool or heat areas. The advanced technology that goes into these units creates a far more cost effective alternative to either gas or oil-fired units for heat, or a central ducted system for air conditioning.

Optional Controllers - Not Included:

  • MHK1 wireless wall mounted controller - compatible with Honeywell Remote InternetGateway for iPhone, Android, smart device control via the internet
  • Wired wall mounted controller - PAR-31MAA requires MAC-333IF
  • Optional Controllers are Not Included

Features and Benefits:

  • Industry leading efficiency
  • Highly energy efficient system
  • New multi-function hand held Wireless Remote Controller
  • Base heater is available as an option
  • Updated sleek, compact indoor unit design
  • Option to set each vane separately
  • Indirect or direct setting option
  • Double vane air delivery for enhanced circulation
  • Natural flow setting that creates air movement like a natural breeze
  • Infrared human sensing technologies to measure location of human heat signatures
  • i-see sensing floor temperature to deliver conditioned air to those areas by double vane airflow
  • Hyper Heating H2i performance down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor ambient temperature100 heating capacity at 5 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor ambient temperature
  • Triple action filtration - 1-Nano platinum filter, 2-Electrostatic anti allergen enzyme filter, 3-Deodorizing filter
  • Includes Standard, Platinum Deodorizing, and Anti-allergy Enzyme filters for a complete air purifying system
  • Powerful Mode function permits system to temporarily run at a lower-higher temperature with an increased fan speed, whichquickly brings the room to the optimum comfort level
  • Integrated i-see Sensor automatically adjusts the units operation according to temperature differences detected between thefloor and the intake air, ensuring optimum comfort and energy usage

Residential Applications:

  • Sun rooms
  • Wine cellars
  • Guest quarters
  • Garage workshops
  • Homes without duct work
  • Bedrooms and family rooms
  • Room additions and renovations
  • Cooling and heating a car garage
  • Turning a shed into a work space

Commercial Applications:

  • Storage facilities
  • Hotels and other lodging
  • Offices in warehouse spaces
  • Computer rooms and server rooms
  • Restaurant kitchen and prep areas
  • Rooms needing auxiliary cooling or heating
  • Internal areas without exterior wall accessapplications
  • Buildings where security concerns prevent the useof window units
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