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  • 21,000 Btu 21 Seer Gree 2-Zone Ductless Mini Split System - 9K-12K

21,000 Btu 21 Seer Gree 2-Zone Ductless Mini Split System - 9K-12K

Model: MULTI42HP230V1CO - LIVS09HP230V1BH - LIVS12HP230V1BH

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The Gree Multi 21 Mini Split Heat Pump SystemThe highly versatile Multi21+ systems, featuring Gree’s G10 inverter-driven compressor and ecofriendlyR410A refrigerant, are among the most innovative ductless split heat pumps availableanywhere today. Our advanced G10 technology gives you maximum efficiency, achieving up to22 SEER, which results in reduced energy consumption and waste. Most Multi21+ models haveachieved the Energy Star rating. Providing year-round, energy efficient heating and cooling forup to five separate indoor zones with one outdoor unit, Multi21+ systems are perfect for bothresidential and light commercial applications. Whether you choose Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette,Concealed Duct, Universal Floor/Ceiling, Mini-Console, or any combination, you have the flexibilityto create a unique Multi21+ system to suit your own personal layout and design. The Multi21+ductless system lets you enjoy ultimate comfort in every room without bulky distribution boxesor long stretches of leaky ductwork.

Standard Features:

  • Swing Louvers
  • Multi-Speed Fans
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Intelligent Defrost
  • G10 Inverter Control
  • Up to 5 indoor units
  • Cleanable Air Filters
  • Power Failure Recovery
  • Multi-Point Diagnostics
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet
  • Infrared Remote Controller
  • Up to 22 SEER and 12.5 HSPF
  • High Efficiency up to 22 SEER
  • Low Ambient Cooling down to 0°F
  • Low Ambient Cooling down to 0º F
  • Low Ambient Heating down to -4º F
  • Wired Controller on select models
  • Includes Selected Line-set Adaptors
  • Sound Levels down to 56 dB(A) on outdoor unit

Terra High Wall Standard Features:

  • LED display
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Memory Function
  • Low voltage start-up
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • Comfortable Sleep Mode
  • Waterfall heating airflow
  • I-Feel Automatic Function
  • Dry Coil Mode for Anti-Mildew
  • 4-way Airflow operation (Swing)
  • 7 Fan Speeds-from Mute to Turbo
  • XK-41 Wired Controller (Optional)
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