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Copeland Scroll Compressor for Goodman Air Conditioners

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The Copeland CR Scroll Compressor is made by Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., the world's leading compressor manufacturer of Copeland brand products, offering more than 10,000 compressor models in a full range of technologies, including scroll, reciprocation and screw compressor designs. A pioneer in the HVACR industry, the company led the introduction of scroll technology to the marketplace. Today, more than 55 million Copeland Scroll compressors are installed in residential and commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems around the world. Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Sidney, Ohio.

The next generation of Copeland Scroll compressors, will introduce you to the most advanced technology in the industry. Designed to meet the 13 SEER regulations, the latest advances in Copeland Scroll technology feature 20 major design improvements, nine new patents pending, and breakthroughs in protection, reliability, efficiency, and sound.

Role of Air Conditioning Compressors:

The compressor is the major contributing part of the air conditioning system. Air conditioning is the process of compressing and condensing. The compressors does the job of compressing and controlling the flow of refrigerant throughout the system. Just like the heart which pumps the blood to the entire body, the air conditioning compressor draws the refrigerant from the low pressure inlet side of the system, compresses and pushes it to the condenser in the outlet or the high pressure side of the system. The air conditioning compressor is basically a mechanical pump. Your air conditioning compressor must be in good working condition for your system to function properly. If the compressor were to malfunction you will hear unusual noise or even sense a sort of burning smell.

Product Specification

Model Number(s) CR32K6PFV930
Brand Copeland
Total Shipping Weight (lbs.) 66
Height (Inches) 13 64/79
UPC # 640852917974

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Copeland Scroll Compressor for Goodman Air Conditioners