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The AC Outlet does not manufacture any of the products sold through our store or website. When you receive your order please check the equipment’s warranty information to understand the Terms and Conditions of replacement parts. IF WARRANTY PAPERS ARE MISSING PLEASE CONTACT US FOR IMMEDIATE ISSUING OF SUCH INFORMATION. EQUIPMENT’S WARRANTY ONLY COVER PARTS NOT SERVICE OR INSTALLATION. LABOR WARRANTY SHOULD BE PROVIDED BY THE A/C CONTRACTOR.

1. All initial or replacement installations must be performed by State Certified Contractor in order to not void Equipment Warranty. Without a receipt from a Licensed Contractor, reflecting date of installation and diagnosis of problem, we cannot assist in processing any warranty claims. Failure to submit a receipt will result in denial of any warranty claim.

2. The products we sell are intended by the manufacturer to be installed by professional heating and air conditioning contractors. They are available to you the homeowners as a means of saving a substantial amount of money. The manufacturers of the products we sell have no provisions to provide warranty replacement or technical support to the homeowner. They only work through dealers such as local heating and air conditioning contractors. IF THE INSTALLATION IS NOT COMPLETED BY A LICENSED CONTRACTOR ALL APPLICABLE WARRANTY SHALL BE VOID.

3. The AC Outlet does not provide Labor Warranties of any kind for any product sold on our site. Your local contractor should supply you with a labor warranty. Your local contractor can replace any parts covered under the equipment's warranty. If you prefer, we can handle the exchange of warranted parts for a small processing fee plus shipping and handling charges. In this case we must have the defective part prior to sending out the replacement to you. You must present proof of the original date of installation of the product in order to establish the effective date of the warranty. Otherwise the effective date shall be deemed to be the date of manufacture plus thirty (30) days.

4. Equipment Warranties remain in effect only while the unit remains at the site of the original installation. No one is authorized to change the warranty in any respect, or to create for us any other obligation or liability in connection with your product. Warranties are NOT transferable. The following is a list of causes for damage not covered by any warranty A) accident, misuse, negligence, or abuse; B) operating the product in a corrosive environment such as salt air, containing chlorine, fluorine or any other damaging chemicals; C) improper matching or application of the products or components; D) failure to provide proper maintenance and service to the product over the life of the warranty according to manufacturer’s instructions (i.e. a minimum of one a year maintenance); E) installation and operating of the product in a manner contrary to the instructions of the manufacturer; F) lightning, fluctuations of electrical power or other acts of G-d. Furthermore, warranties do not include installation, disconnection or dismantling the product or parts in connection with normal maintenance such as filters or belts and owner required maintenance. Refer to the instructions enclosed with the product for information regarding recommended maintenance.

The AC Outlet will back up 100% of all warranties as to parts which are offered by the manufacturer. This assures piece of mind after the purchase of Air Conditioning and Heating products.

After a warranty claim is filed with The AC Outlet, you can choose one of the following options to obtain the replacement part(s):

Advanced Warranty Replacement:

We ship the replacement Warranty part to you first, before receiving the defective part. You have 30 days to send us the defective part. A credit card payment for the new part is required to insure that we receive the returned defective part within 30 days from the date on which the replacement warranty part is shipped. Once the defective part is received and determined to have been faulty you will receive a full refund for the part cost. Shipping cost(s) are non-refundable.

Standard Warranty Replacement:

We will ship you the replacement warranty part, after we have received your defective part. We do not require a credit card payment for the standard warranty replacement. Shipping cost(s) are non-refundable.

The AC Outlet has selected the finest HVAC products in the industry to sell and we have assembled the best and most knowledgeable sales and service agents to provide you with the highest service possible. We have spent countless hours assembling this team to serve your current and future needs.


"Thank you for your great support during the purchase process. The system has arrived intact and is being installed tomorrow!"
- Antonio L. Arias Ramírez
"I spent hours and hours looking for my AC unit. The AC Outlet is so far the most professional and supportive team I have had a chance to work with. Thank you guys! "
- Andre

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